Walking Angelica

Angelica is a nice community to walk. The Main Street takes one from the longest wood span bridge in America where you will find parking on the western end of the Village, past many historic houses down through the business district and across Park Circle and to the east to the "Until the Day Dawn" Cemetery and then up into the cemetery toward the historic civil war monument. The following information is provided to better estimate how far you walk in Angelica.

Walking Distances Unit From To
300 feet Joncy Bridge Park Lot End of Boardwalk
1,433 feet Joncy Bridge Park Lot Peavey Road
980 feet Peavey Road Olean Street
825 feet Olean Street Center Street
840 feet Center Street Post Office
500 feet Post Office Grange Hall
1,242 feet Grange Hall Peacock Hill Road
1,333 feet Peacock Hill Road Golden Acres Drive
758 feet Golden Acres Drive Cemetery Main Driveway Entrance
800 feet Cemetery Main Driveway Entrance Civil War Monument
9,011 feet Total Distance  
3,604.4 Steps Approximate number based on 2.5'/step  
1.71 Miles One Way  
1,757 feet Around outside of Park Circle on Sidewalk  
    3 times around the outside of the circle is about 1 mile  

Angelica Park Circle


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