Relocating to the Angelica Area

The Village of Angelica provides most of the basic needs including its own Post Office, Bank, Grocery Store, a variety of denominations of religious orders, B&B's for visitors, the American House and Hotel for fine dining, Sweet Shop and Coffeehouse, a laundry [reopening spring 2007], etc. This is a rural area and if one is considering moving from an urban environment you will soon learn that driving is a constant need. Larger Grocery Stores are about 20 minutes, a Pharmacy is located in Belmont about 7 miles from Angelica. With a low crime rate and good school systems the Angelica area is a good place to raise a family.

BUS SERVICE: A County wide bus service is available with stops within the Village of Angelica that can transport you to Wellsville, and other communities if needed. Contact the County for information on this bus service.

PUBLIC BUS TRANPORATION courtesy of the Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University Printable PDF version

Shortline Bus Service has a stop in Belmont that travels from New York City and many other places.

CLIMATE: The weather is beautiful here during the summers with cooler evenings so that often no air conditioner is needed. We seldom get above 90 degrees F and most summer days are in the mid 70's to mid 80's. Winters are typical for New York State but we don't tend to get the snows that the Buffalo area and points west of here do. Snow totals are half what they are an hour west of here in the Ellicottville area. Occasional cold snaps will push the thermometer below 0 degrees F at night, but these generally do not last into the days.

If you are relocating from a warm climate you will need to get used to driving in slippery conditions, however the local road crews plow generally before the school buses hit the roads and salt and sand is utilized liberally to improve traction.

Many people take advantage of the cold winter and learn to ski at nearby Swain Ski Center or cross country on the many miles of trails in the Phillips Creek area.

CRIME: Angelica has been listed as tied for number 1 best crime rate in Western New York according to Business First. The community is patrolled by the Village of Angelica Police Department and the New York State Troopers baracks are located less than one mile from the Town line. Additional support for the New York State Troopers exist north, east and west of the Town of Angelica. The Allegany County Sheriff department is located in the next Town of Amity and supports the local and state police. New York State DEC has enforcement officers stationed in the area also.

FIRE AND AMBULANCE SERVICES: Fire and medical emergencies are responded from the Fire Hall on West Main Street. The Village provides service through a variety of fine fire fighting equipment and first class Advanced Life Support services. Angelica participates in the county mutual aid plan wherein neighboring communities respond to fire calls as needed with equipment and manpower. In extreme urgent medical situations Mercy Flight or similar helicopter service can be called in to transport patients to Strong Hospital in Rochester or an appropriate facility in Buffalo. Most Ambulance transports are made to Jones Hospital in Wellsville. Call 911 for any true emergency and your needs will be addressed by the relevant agencies. Donations to the Fire & Ambulance Corps are appreciated.

SCHOOLS: Most children in Angelica attend Genesee Valley Central School. The Genesee Valley Central School has recently constructed a new facility just outside of Belmont that houses Pre-K through Grade 12. It is directly adjacent to the BOCES center and there is an Outdoor Education Center being developed between the two campuses. Centerpoint Christian Academy provides elementary school children an alternative facility right in Angelica off Main Street at the old Angelica Central School building. Immaculate Conception School offers a Catholic based education in Wellsville. Nearby colleges include: Alfred University, Alfred State College and Houghton College. Jamestown Community College offers a few classes at the Crossroads Conference Center located just off Exit 30.

HOUSING: Housing is very affordable compared to almost the entire United States. Nice houses can be found on good size lots in the $60,000 - $120,000 range. Building lots are extremely reasonably priced also and larger properties are still available around the Town or in the adjacent Towns. The Village of Angelica is a Municipal Electric Company that offers rates in the Village significantly lower than many adjacent areas. The Village also has a municipal water system. Presently all homes are serviced by on-site septic systems overseen by the County Health Department. Be sure to have it reviewed prior to purchasing a home.

RELOCATION CONSIDERATIONS: You should involve a qualified lawyer and surveyor in your land transactions to safeguard your purchase. In view of the event of On-line sales of property in our area you should seriously consider visiting the site prior to purchasing property here on-line and having a New York State lawyer review your purchase papers. You should contact the County Health Department for water and sewer concerns. You should contact the Village Clerk to assure that services are actually available at a property that you are considering purchasing. Many lots do NOT have water, sewer, electric, phone or other services as they were used for farm lands. By checking on the status of these issues you will become a better informed consumer and will be sure that you are getting exactly what you think you are getting. We do welcome new property development especially well thought out and designed projects.

Thinking of Moving Here? An expanded listing of businesses, Realtors, services, schools, and related information is available through the Allegany County Office of Tourism and Culture. Ask for a RELOCATION PACKET at 1-800-836-1869

US Post Office
1 Main Street Angelica, New York 14709
466 - 7689

US Post Office

Thinking of Moving Here? An expanded listing of businesses, Realtors, services, schools, and related information is available through the Allegany County Office of Tourism and Culture. Ask for a RELOCATION PACKET at 1-800-836-1869


Local Realtors:

Realtor Search - Western Steuben - Allegany Counties Association of Realtors

Quick Search of Angelica Properties through

Century 21 Unlimited - Cuba - 968-2113

Lang Agency - Hornell - (607) 324-4022 ext. 32

Pepper & Crandall - Olean - 716-372-7100

Real, Inc. - Hornell - 607-324-1431

RealtyUSA - Rushford

Robert Sweeney Agency - Hornell - 607-698-4651

Sawyer Realty - Wellsville - 593-6219

Note: Businesses that would like to be added to this listing or have new information should contact us at with the name of the business, location and phone number. If you have a website then include the link for that also. Inclusion is at the sole discretion of the webmaster for this site. General rule is that you must provide a service within Angelica. Outside firms/businesses may be applicable for inclusion especially if there are not similar businesses offering the same service within the Town and you have a history of providing service within the Town/Village of Angelica.


Are you new to the area? Here are a few items that may interest you.



The Village provides Water and Electric to homes and businesses within the Village. The Village also has a small Police Department, Village Court, and Recreation Programs.


The Town provides maintenance of the Streets within the Village and Town. The Town also maintains the Tennis Court and Park Circle. The Town Clerk oversees Dog Licenses and Hunting/Fishing Licenses sales.


The County provides the bulk of services available to the residences in the Town and Village including:

Office for the Aging - 268-9390   Community Services 268-1991
Office of Development - 268-7472   District Attorney - 268-9225
Elections - 268-9294   Emergency Services - 268-7658
Employment and Training - 268-9240   Fire Coordinator - 268-9244
Health Department - 268-9250   Motor Vehicles - 268-9267
Probation - 268-9370   Public Defender - 593-7111
Public Works - 268-9230   Real Property Tax Service 268-9381
Sheriff - 268-9200   Social Services - 268-9622
Stop DWI - 268-5394   Tourism - 268-7472
Veteran's Service Agency - 268-9387   Weights and Measures - 268-5002
Workers Compensation - 268-5008   Youth Bueau - 268-5394





Garbage pickup is available through local venders or a permit can be obtained through the County [$150/Year for 2011 April 1 - March 31, 2012] to dispose of your solid waste at the Landfill between Angelica and Belmont .  Hours are 8am - 3pm Tuesday through Saturday.  They accept most materials. Clear bags are required for Solid waste. Recycling is encouraged as they have separate containers for tin cans, steel, glass, cardboard, plastic, newspapers, books, reusable clothing exchange. They also accept white goods, propane tanks, batteries and tires for a nominal fee.  Daily tonnage is restricted. 

There are free tire disposal days occassionally at the County transfer stations wherein up to 4 tires can be disposed of for no fee. Check with the Landfill office for information on this.

A Household Hazardous Collection event is held each September at the Landfill when household chemical, paints and old computers can be brought in for no fee. Prior signup is required for this event. Contact the Allegany County Public Works for additional information.

The Village does hold a single bulky trash pickup in the spring the week following Community Yard Sales.  Contact the Village Clerk for information on what will and will not be picked up.





Angelica does not have a sewer system so you will have a septic system [on-site system]. These should be pumped out approximately every 3 years. More often if you have a larger family. Probably less if it is just a small family. Be safe and have it done sooner rather than later. To replace a system will cost between $3,000 and $12,000 depending on your site. The pumping fee of around $150 is well worth it compared to having to replace the whole system. 





Angelica is a great community to walk. The downtown is relatively flat. The sidewalks aren't always the best or easiest to use but many side streets can be traversed with a little self awareness. The Main Street is generally decent to walk. Benches are provided on much of Main Street and in the Park Circle. Sidewalks are generally the homeowner’s responsibility for both snow clearing and repairs.  The Village may put you on a list for the annual lottery system of splitting the cost of replacing the sidewalks.  Contact the Village Clerks office for more information on this program.  The Village does often plow the sidewalks but not always.  The Owner needs to make good effort to clear sidewalks in front of their homes that people may attempt to utilize.




Local Newspapers include:

The Booster News [monthly] - Angelica's real newspaper- through subscription mail delivery or in East End Market.

The Wellsville Reporter [daily] - County news with some local coverage - available M - F and Sunday as the Spectator through subscription delivery or in Harris's Shurfine

The Olean Times Herald [daily] - Regional News with some local news - available 7 days week through subscription delivery or in Harris's Shurfine

The Patriot [weekly] - County wide news coverage - available through subscription mail service or in Harris's Shurfine





Summer Recreation Program: Every summer the Village provides a program for the youth of the immediate area. The program generally runs 3 days a week from 9 AM - 3 PM. Programs are held at the old Grange hall  building where games and crafts are done. Then day trips are taken for Glow Bowling, Rushford Beach, roller skating, James Street Park [Hornell] swimming, Genesee Valley School Pool swimming, and 1 trip to a Rochester Redwings baseball game. Contact the Village Clerk for information on the program.

Angelica Atheletic Programs: The Angelica Atheletic Association coordinates inter-community T-Ball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Basketball programs for children over age 5. Other communities that they play include Belmont, Friendship, Bolivar, Richburg, Belfast, Houghton & Scio.

Angelica Sledge Soccer: The Angelica Sledge Soccer Team is an over age 18 team that plays during the summer at the Angelica Field for men in the area.

Local Clubs

Local Churches




Radio Stations

As Angelica Village is located in a Valley with 700' hills surrounding it the radio stations are sometimes harder to get than in an urban area. However the stations below should be available on most decent radios. Those with a * are the most likely to be received on a small portable.

  • 89.1 or 89.5 Friendship - Family Life Network: WCID
  • 90.3 Houghton – NPR & Classical Music: WXXY/WXXI *
  • 92.1 Hornell – Country Music: WCKR
  • 93.5 Alfred/Wellsville - Mix pop:WQRW *
  • 93.9 Dansville - Mix pop: WDNY
  • 95.7 Olean - Country Music: WPIG *
  • 99.5 Buffalo - Religious: WDCX
  • 101.9 Alfred/Wellsville – Country Music & Local News: WZKZ *
  • 102.5 Buffalo - Mix Pop - Star 102: WTSS *
  • 103.5 Wellsville – Oldies Music & Local News: WJQZ *
  • 105.3 Hornell – Modern Rock/Pop: WKPQ *
  • 107.7 Buffalo - WBEN repeater - talk radio *

Other FM Radio Stations you may find on your dial here especially if you are on top of a hill:

  • 88.3 Warsaw - Religious WCOU
  • 88.7 Hornell - NPR repeater of WSKG out of Binghamton: WSQA
  • 89.7 Alfred - Alfred University College: WALF
  • 90.7 Alfred - SUNY Alfred State College Variety WETD
  • 91.1 Corning - Public Radio WSQE
  • 92.9 Buffalo - Adult Hits WBUF
  • 93.7 Depew, NY Urban Contemporary WBLK
  • 94.5 Buffalo - Classical/NPR: WNED
  • 94.7 Tioga, PA - Classic Rock WMTT
  • 94.9 Port Allegany, PA - Adult Contemporary WHKS
  • 96.1 Buffalo - Adult Contemporary WJYE
  • 96.5 Rochester - Classic Rock: WCMF
  • 96.7 Coudersport, PA Hot AC WFRM
  • 98.3 Salamanca, NY Classic Rock WQRS
  • 98.3 Bath, NY Adult Contemporary WVIN
  • 99.5 Buffalo, NY Religious WDCX
  • 100.7 Galeton, PA Religious WCOG
  • 101.5 Olean - Mixed Pop: WMXO
  • 103.1 FM Bath, NY Religious WCIK
  • 104.1 Buffalo - Mixed Pop: WHTT
  • 106.1 FM Corning, NY Top-40 WNKI
  • 106.3 FM Smethport, PA Adult Hits WQRM
  • AM Stations are much harder to know as they float in and out so much: Here are just a few likely options:

    • 550 WGR Buffalo
    • 790 WLSV Wellsville
    • 1320 WHHO Hornell




TV Stations:

Angelica is part of the Buffalo television market. A few stations can be received using a rooftop antenna [possibly 2, 4 & 7], but most people use a satellite dish or cable service. Dish Network and DirectTV offer service throughout the area. Angelica gets its cable through Time Warner in Binghamton.  Time Warner's local office is in Hornell [approximately 30 minutes east on I-86, Main Street].  If you look at their website you have to check the Friendship listing for a channel line-up that applies to Angelica. For your convenience we have provided you with the Time Warner Lineup HERE







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