Biking Angelica

Angelica is a nice community to ride a bicycle. The Main Street takes you from one from the longest wood span bridge in America where you will find parking on the western end of the Village, past many historic houses down through the business district and across Park Circle and to the east to the "Until the Day Dawn" Cemetery and then up into the cemetery toward the historic civil war monument. Side Streets make easy routes around the Village to enjoy the community.

Angelica Park Circle

If you are looking for a longer ride consider the following loop ride starting in Angelica and ending back at the same point. You may wish to reverse this if you want the hills at the beginning of your ride.

  ANGELICA RIDE   Distance: 44 Pt. to Pt.
Map Total Climb: 1820 / 780 ft.   Rating: M-D / MOD Climb
Point Start: Angelica Park Circle, Angelica, N.Y.     (feet)
  Mile Mark Turn Street Information 0
1 0.0 Straight Start at the Park Circle in Angelica W. Main St. (continue CR-16) (stop and check out new bridge) 0
2 2.0 Left OLD STATE RD. 0
3 2.7 Left CR-43 (Historic Single Lane Bridge & Stables) 0
4 4.9 Left CR-20 (Belvidere Historic Property on Right) 80
5 5.3 Right ANGELICA RD. (CR-48) (Genesee Valley Outdoor Education Center located up GVCS driveway on the left near bus garage - nice walking trails) 80
6 8.5 Right SR-244 0
7 8.8 Left WILLETS AVE. (SR-19) (Belmont Park Square - rest stop) 0
8 9.0 Bear Right SOUTH ST. 20
9 9.6 Straight Back River Rd. (views of Genesee River) 0
10 13.4 Bear Left at MIDDAUGH HILL RD. (CR-31) 60
11 13.5 Left RIVER ST. [CR 9] 0
12 14.0 Left MAIN ST. (SR-19) (Scio) 0

Continue through Stop Light Intersection onto CR 11 [Convenient Store on Right]
13 14.1 Left Enter Scio Central School…..Rest Stop 0
14 14.2 Right MAIN ST. (SR-19) 0
15 19.0 Straight Follow Truck 19 in Belmont 0
16 19.2 Right SR-244 (in Belmont) 0
17 22.0 Left CR-2B 260
18 26.8 Right KARR VALLEY RD. (CR-2) 280
19 29.8 Bear Left CR-2 (in West Almond) (rest stop check out the Community Center & Town Building which are Historic Church Buildings) 320
20 32.7 Left CR-2A 240

35.6 Bear Right continue CR-2A - Note Large Elevation Change 440
21 38.3 Left CR-16 (S onto E. Main St. in Angelica) 40
22 43.6 Straight Park Circle in Angelica - End  

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