The Railroad Exhibit

The Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Company Historical Society has contributed to the growing railroad exhibit on the Allegany County Fair grounds. The first car they obtained was Coach #278, constructed in the late 1890's. They restored it with four bench seats and added exhibits inside for viewing. They transported the car to the grounds in June of 1982, after they obtained it in Angelica during May of that year.

The duplicate Railroad Station constructed in 1986, used the Farmer's Valley Shawmut Railroad Station as the plan. The interior of this station houses many artifacts from the railroad history.

This society is the keeper of a steam engine known as Engine #88, built by the members using a real steam boiler and a chassis and tender trucks donated by the late Mike Cleary. The members had hoped to have a live steam engine for the train, but realized there was little area to run it. They completed the engine in 1989. This engine and its coal tender toured the country in 1997 to promote a McDonald's Monopoly game.

The "Clara" car, officially Coach #99, joined the display in 1998. This coach was the private business car of Receiver Frank Sullivan Smith who bought it with his own money and gave it to his wife Clara as a birthday present. After 2 years of hard work and restoration, it was officially dedicated in 2000.

The last item is a bobber caboose #175, originally built by the Shawmut in their Angelica shops in 1912. It arrived on the fair grounds in November 1999 and is being restored.

You can see the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Company Historical Society has quite a collection of Railroad items all located on the grounds of the Allegany County Fair in Angelica. Without everyone's cooperation, this exhibit, with all the priceless artifacts, would not be available for all to see.