Other Display Areas


Some of the beef cows, sheep and swine owned and raised by 4-H members will be auctioned off Wednesday evening, July 16, during the 4-H Market Animal Sale at 6:00 pm in the Livestock Arena.


Displays of handmade items and antiques are seen in the Domestic Building. Some of the activities in the building include quilt making, painting, and machine embroidering.


The 4-H Building holds the exhibits of the 7 to 18 year old members from within the county. The Evie Karn public presentation contest is held here.


In the Education Building there are displays highlighting the work of students from several of the county schools.


Displays within the Fireman's Building include safety equipment, photos of some of the fires within the county and antique fire equipment. A volunteer fireperson is on duty and willingly answers questions.


The largest working display of steam equipment in New York State is on the grounds. The steam crew is available to discuss their equipment, and maybe even blow the steam whistle for you. If you prefer scale models to the real thing, these are in the adjacent building. Also located in this building are pumps from the oil fields of Allegany County. More on the Steam Display


The Antique Museum houses displays of antique household appliances, a complete blacksmiths shop and many small tools. There will be activities in this building as well all week. Around the buildings is antique and modern farm equipment. Someone is available to discuss the every growing Railroad exhibit, which now includes a replica station, engine, coal tender, several cars and a caboose.


If you are looking for a place to sit and relax, the Mini-theater is just the place. Talent from the area is showcased here. On Saturday a local Talent Contest will be held. You can enjoy this area from under the tent or on the porch of the Domestic Building, both make good places to watch and listen to the performers.


Major entertainment is held in the Grandstand area. Each evening a different event is held here with seating for thousands. Come enjoy a truck pull, concert or the Demolition Derby at the Grandstand. Schedule!


The Sugar Shack houses a display of sugaring equipment and maple products. The products are for sale including the ever popular maple fluff. Also near this building is the new Conservation Building with displays of various animals from the surrounding areas.


The three school food stands and the Grange stand are a good place to enjoy a meal or a snack. They feature good home-cooked meals from breakfast to late night snacks. Other food is served throughout the Midway area.


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